Fenix3/tactix Bravo 英文正式版固件更新至 6.80

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  • 增加 对Connect IQ 1.2.2的支持。
  • 增加 “强度”插件(Settings > Widgets)。
  • 增加 自动进入免打扰模式(Power Menu > Do Not Disturb > Sleep Time)
  • 增加 速度、步频、心律的音频提醒(需要更新 connect mobile 3.2.1)。
  • 修复 BUG若干。



Changes made from version 6.50 to 6.80:

  • Added support for Connect IQ SDK 1.2.2.
  • Added Intensity Minutes widget (Settings > Widgets). Note: requires a connection to a Heart Rate Strap to accrue Vigorous minutes.
  • Restored support for the (optional) manual entry of Sleep mode (Settings > Activity Tracking).
  • Added support for 'Auto Do Not Disturb'. (Power Menu > Do Not Disturb > Sleep Time) Sleep and wake up times can be setup through Garmin Connect Mobile.
  • Added support for Speed/Pace and Heart Rate audio prompts. (Requires Garmin Connect Mobile App app version 3.2.1, select More > Settings > Device > Audio Prompts to configure)
  • Improved list of app activities shown during navigation and interval training.
  • Fixed an issue where users were seeing auto lap information during swim activities.
  • Fixed potential issue with battery drain when using Analog watch faces. (Requires display update 3.20)
  • Fixed a potential issue with display of day/month on the watch face. (Requires display update 3.20)
  • Fixed a potential issue with the back light coming on for Smart Notifications, after placing the watch in 'Do Not Disturb' mode.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the vibration setting getting affected after a software update.



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