Fenix3 英文测试版固件更新至 6.55

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Changes made from version 6.52 to 6.55:

  • Added support for 'Auto Do Not Disturb'. (Power Menu > Do Not Disturb > Sleep Time) Sleep and wake up times can be setup through Garmin Connect Mobile.
  • Fixed a potential issue where calorie counts were being over-reported after disconnecting from a heart rate strap.
  • Fixed a potential issue where one could lose their daily accrued intensity minutes when power cycling the unit.
  • Fixed a potential issue with Stride Length being over-reported.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the unit rebooting after transferring Workouts from Garmin Connect.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the record screen being blank after ending an activity.
  • Made improvements to session average distance per stroke for Standup paddle boarding and Rowing.
  • Fixed a potential issue with single sport profile creation.


  • For any issues that you encounter, please include [Device s/w version, Issue, Steps to Reproduce, Did this issue exist in the last stable s/w version, Any additional details related to the reported issue] and email to fenix3.beta@garmin.com. Please note that you may not get a response to the email, unless we need more information on the issue you report.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.


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