Fenix3/tactix Bravo 英文正式版固件更新至 6.90

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  • 增加“高程图”字段,绿色完成、蓝色未完成。
  • 增加 自动锁定,系统设置——Auto lock。
  • 增加 wifi热键。
  • 优化 状态栏中图标的颜色。
  • 优化 爬楼梯准确性。
  • 修复 BUG若干(划船、高尔夫、室内自行车、及一些算法错误)。



Changes made from version 6.80 to 6.90:

  • Added support for Elevation Plot navigation data screen (Settings > Navigation > Data Screens > Elevation Plot). Note: this screen should give a 'glanceable' indication of effort remaining along the course being navigated. It shows completed (in green) and future (in blue, if available in the course) altitude data plotted over the distance of the navigation. Ascent fields are also displayed for current accumulation and the amount remaining to destination. Plan your next adventure using the Course creation tool at garminconnect.com!
  • Added support for reviewing elevation history for an activity. (History > Activities > Choose an activity > Elevation Plot. The data field represents total ascent for the activity.)
  • Added support for Auto Lock. (Settings > System > Auto Lock)
  • Added support for configuring Wi-Fi as a Hot Key option. (Settings > System > Hot Keys > Choose a key > Wi-Fi)
  • Improved the colors used for sensor bar status icons.
  • Improved the accuracy of floors climbed data.
  • Fixed an issue where paddle sport activities could not be used for workouts that were classified as 'Other' on Garmin Connect.
  • Fixed a potential issue where one could not change the crank length of a third party power meter.
  • Fixed a potential issue where the device could fail to calculate HARP for a HALO jump.
  • Fixed a potential issue where par and bogey information on golf summary could be incorrect.
  • Fixed a potential issue where a users current CIQ watch face could change, if they had multiple CIQ watch faces and were upgrading from a software version before 6.50.
  • Fixed a potential issue where certain widgets could disappear from the widget loop after a software update.
  • Fixed a potential issue where Foot Pod was being used as a distance source in Bike Indoor activities.


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