Garmin Connect Mobile SDK For Android BLE/ADB

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Adding the Mobile SDK to a project

The Mobile SDK is distributed separately from the Connect IQ SDK but can be found on the same download page. Inside the zip is a connectiq.jar file along with a sample project to help demonstrate the capabilities of the SDK. To begin using the Mobile SDK in your own project, copy the connectiq.jar file into the libs folder of your Android project.

Additional Requirements

In order for your companion application to communicate with a Connect IQ device the user must also install Garmin Connect Mobile onto their phone. All communication for companion applications running on Android goes through a Garmin Connect Mobile service to reach the device. When initializing the SDK with a wireless connection type this requirement is checked and initialization will fail if Garmin Connect Mobile is not installed. If true is passed to the auto UI parameter of initialize, a message is displayed to the user that they need to either install or upgrade Garmin Connect Mobile and provides them a way to go directly to the application in the Google Play Store. See Displaying a UI message automatically when initialization fails for more information.

Interacting with the SDK

All interactions between the companion application and the Connect IQ application are done via the ConnectIQ class. To use this class you must first obtain an instance of the class and then initialize it.

ConnectIQ connectIQ = ConnectIQ.getInstance(ConnectIQ.IQConnectType.<protocol>);

ConnectIQ.IQConnectType provides two options:

  • WIRELESS - For communicating with the Connect IQ simulator or real device via BLE. This is the default.
  • TETHERED - For communicating with the Connect IQ simulator over the Android Debug Bridge.

Initializing the SDK

Initializing the SDK is an asynchronous process and requires a ConnectIQListener to handle returned states of the SDK. You must wait for the onSdkReady() call to be made before calling any additional API methods. Doing so beforehand will result in an InvalidStateException.


connectIQ.initialize(context, true, new ConnectIQListener() {

// Called when the SDK has been successfully initialized


public void onSdkReady() {

// Do any post initialization setup.


// Called when the SDK has been shut down


public void onSdkShutDown() {

// Take care of any post shutdown requirements


// Called when initialization fails.


public void onInitializationError(IQSdkErrorStatus status) {

// A failure has occurred during initialization. Inspect

// the IQSdkErrorStatus value for more information regarding

// the failure.






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